Begin Your Wellness Journey

Our program has been developed as an effective approach to support individual employees on their path to a healthier lifestyle. If your company  wants to  build a new program or improve an existing Benefits Program, All Star Wellness will help your organization and deliver results.

Our wellness challenges are the beginning of the journey,  4-8 weeks full of helpful education and health and wellness activities focused on your employees or residents well-being. Employee and residential wellness programs are essential to the long-term viability of the aprticipants because they promote better health and vitality in the workplace and community.

We are Different

The main focus of our Wellness Program is to develop, customize, deliver, measure and monitor a program for your organization or community that is sustainable. We offer custom web based wellness initiatives and  we provide our clients with the tools for success through our world class health and wellness programs.
Our Wellness Program Offerings Includes:

  • Wellness Days
  • Wellness Retreats 
  • Annual Wellness Calendar
  • Weekly Wellness Bits and Content
  • Reports: Individual and Group Results
  • Digital Wellness and Fitness Assessment
  • Nutrition for Healthy Living
  • Web-Based Resources for Healthy Living
  • Monthly or Quarterly Webinars
  • Online Wellness Coach Support 
  • Customized Movement & Fitness Program
  • Energy and Nutrition Management
  • Passport to Wellness 
  • Wellness Challenges

Wellness App

650 Exercise Videos
You will have access to more than 650 exercise videos for all fitness levels and goals. Sports drills, high intensity interval training, strength, weight loss, muscle toning. We have it all and if we don’t have it no worries we can create a custom workout for you.

Free Ebooks
You will receive two free ebooks on fitness and nutrition with information on how to exercise and eat healthier. 
Workouts and Workout Plans 
You will have your own personal workout plan design for your fitness level and goals. We know that the fitness challenges are different for every person and we want to be able to cater to all fitness levels and goals.

Wellness Challenges

2-8 Weeks Healthy Living Challenges

We know that one size doesn’t fits all and we will help you to find and and create your own custom fitness challenge based on your goals and fitness level. After all we are all different so we can’t all have the same program and goals. 

Get Fit, Healthy, Get Strong
Your coach will review with you to help you to achieve your goals. You will interact with real fitness experts that will review your fitness assessment results and goals to help you on your wellness journey. 

Passport to Wellness

The Passport to Wellness is an innovative wellness program that rewards the participants. Achieve your goals and get your stamps to get discounts, gift cards and prizes for healthy activities or products. The program is free of charge to participate and you need to be a member of the All Star Wellness Program. Here are some examples on activities to get your stamp:

  • Complete 150 minutes of activity per week
  • Complete the Healthy Living Challenge
  • Complete 3 workouts a week  for 6 weeks
  • Improve your wellness assessment results by 5%

Digital Fitness Assessment

10+ Fitness Tests 
Get your own personal digital fitness assessment. We will provide you with a personalized report of all the fitness test results and will recommend or create a custom plan for you. 

10+ Fitness Tests
The fitness assessment results and your fitness level will provide us with information on what is the best program for you to achieve your goals.


Wellness Content

Healthy Eating Guidelines

At All Star Trainers Get ready to discover healthy eating that doesn’t feel like a “diet”. Instead of starving yourself of foods you love, you’re about to learn how to eat healthy.

Health, Fitness and Wellness Articles
Your employees get access to a variety of resources such as health and wellness tips, exercise and nutrition tips, weekly or monthly newsletters and information on all aspects of healthy living.


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